Last week, we introduced you to the proper sequence to “load to explode.” We need to move in an opposing direction in order to provide force to an action in the opposite direction. This is true in terms of right and left as well as up and down. To jump, you must bend the knees to lower yourself to the ground. So, to shift the hips in an upward manner, they must first go down. Today, Zach is going to talk about to move the hips and lead leg in the proper golf swing sequence. There is also a video to demonstrate an exercise to better this movement pattern.

As you begin to uncoil from loaded position, you need to press down into the ground into a slightly lowered position. The idea of load to explode continues to work in this segment as well. While you were rotating/coiling to lengthen the muscles before asking for a strong contraction, in this segment, you are are lowering the body towards the ground in order to lift it with the execution of the swing. It is the same movement principle but acted out in a different manner. You need to rotate to swing and you need to get low to get high if you want power associated.

This pressing motion is needed to produce a strong ground reaction force; Newton’s third law of motion tells us that if we drive the legs forcefully into the ground, the ground will push back with an equal magnitude. This force from the ground into the golfer (ground reaction force) is transferred up the golfer’s kinetic chain. This moves from the feet to legs into the pelvis up the core into the shoulders, arms, and finally, the golf club.

To best utilize the ground reaction force, you need to soften the knees to help press your weight into the ground. This is known as a squat position.

How to Move the Hips and Lead Leg in the Proper Golf Swing Sequence

As you uncoil, move into a squat like position, and lean into the lead leg, your entire lower kinetic chain is firing. With this band drill, you will active these muscles to bring more awareness of what is happening within your own body. This helps you make the correct powerful movement more autonomous (automatic).


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