To better your golf swing, you need a basic overview and understanding of anatomy and movement. In this blog, Zach Parker, one of the industry leaders in junior development, defines some of the basic terminologies as well as demonstrates an exercise that is sure to help you better understand the strength and the sequencing needed to generate power in the golf swing. This blog will be a two part series where we talk about sequencing, so make sure you check back on June 12th for the next blog in the series.

When executing any powerful movements, the body initially lengthens the muscles in the opposing direction of the forceful movement. This is best known as the requirement to “load to explode.” Today, we are going to focus on one specific sequence while next week we will dive a bit further into another.

If we are looking for a powerful downswing, then we should be loading by lengthening the body in opposition of where we need the power to be executed. This means that it cannot only be a rotation of the shoulders but also a slight rotation of the pelvic bones as well since this area is truly the powerhouse of the body. Rotation is often misinterpreted as a lateral movement; however, these terms define two different actions.

In movement, a rotation is where something revolves or pivots around an axis; This of this like a twist or coil. Lateral movement relates to sides, so a lateral movement moves sideways. To execute the load properly, we need rotation and lateral movement to work in unison.

You begin “loading” as soon as you move the club away from the ball. As the club moves over the shoulder, you should feel the pressure building in your trail leg.  Think of coiling over the back hip. This motion allows the body to store the energy needed to perform the powerful downswing as you uncoil. You transfer the energy from one side of the body to the other as the lead leg takes over the motion in the lower body and you uncoil the torso. You also must continue through the motion to fully release all of the energy you stored in the loading.

Strength and Sequencing Needed to Generate Power in the Golf Swing

This drill teaches you how to be aware of this needed sequencing as you practice the load to explode principle.

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