During our series from Zach Parker, we have focused on the order and synchronicity of a proper golf swing. This set up is very important to accurately drive the ball, but what about speed? Sometimes while in the mindset of proper form and order, we slow the swing too much. This results in a lackluster hit and off balance rhythm. Today, we are going to show you a great exercise for improving your swing speed in a controlled manner.

Once the basics have been conquered, a golfer wants to continue to improve. A hot topic in the golf world is swing speed. Golfers wish to increase swing speed to increase distance; however, golfers sometimes mistake speed for force.

According to the PGATour, the average time for the backswing is right around 0.75 seconds. The average downswing is .25 seconds. This shows that ideally, your speed ratio should be around 3:1 ratio of backswing time to downswing time, creating a rhythm to your swing.

Golfers can swing too hard in an attempt to increase the speed of the ball; Instead, the result is an overly aggressive hit, inaccuracy, or an inappropriate rotation of the club. When swinging hard, the average golfer forgets the body mechanics, which decreases the swing speed. You will notice in the video below, that Zach shows you how moving out of order can cause the club to rotate, causing you to hit the ball at an angle. Remember to focus on the order of the body, allowing the uncoiling motion to provide the power, and not the force of your arms


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