It can be overwhelming to consider all of the elements required for an impact with a square clubface along with a clubhead path down the target line. We recommend reading our past blogs on this topic for additional guidance on body order and placement. Today, we want to share with you one more strategy for placement: your lead arm. Keep reading to find out one golf swing myth and one golf swing truth.

Your lead arm has a big influence on the path your club takes during the golf swing. Remember, the goal is not to pull with the lead arm. Instead, if we want to generate power, we must use the body as a whole unit. Once you have begun to only pull with the arm, you risk misaligning the clubface on the ball.

One aspect of lead arm path that often goes unmentioned is the placement of the head. We are sure you have been told to keep your eye on the ball. This is a myth. As you can see in the video, remaining with your face to the ball inhibits your lead arm from following the correct uncoiling path. To have the lead arm continue on the correct path of force, the upper body, including the neck and head, must also fully rotate with the motion.

As you have played, we are also sure you have heard to keep the lead arm straight; this is true but you do not want to lock the elbow, which can decrease range of motion and power. How can you practice this motion to ensure you will perfect it? With this exercise from Zach Parker, you will learn how to maintain a straight arm upon impact and throughout the rest of the swing.


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