admin-ajax_2SuperFlex® Golf Swing Kit
is featured in Golf Digest’s Magazine March “Hot List” issue. On page 54 a swing series animation shows how band training can be used to correct swing flaws.  Thank you Golf Digest for including us in your issue!

Why? Using bands to increase the muscle memory while speeding up the learning process has become the hot new way to improve swing drill mechanics.  Band drills can be used for from short game to long game swing training.  The positive feedback is off the charts on how quickly players are able to feel the dynamic motions.

How? The bands help to speed up the learning process.  The bands are used to enhance the negative feeling by adding variable resistance to the swing flaw.  The student has to do the positive movement and right away the player feels the sensation of performing it the right way.  The feedback can be instantaneous!

Where?  The drills come in a mobile App which allows them to be performed anywhere from on the range, in the office, and even at home. That’s what makes the system so popular and effective.

The SuperFlex® Golf Swing Kit comes with over 50 instructional video’s that will help the instructor to better understand the band training drills as well as help the players to improve all aspects of their golf game. The kit is primarily a swing training aid to reinforce correct swing mechanic but also is an exercise training aid used for warm-ups, golf specific fitness, and swing biomechanics.

Revolutionizing the process for Golf instruction!

For more information on the new swing kit go to www.SuperFlex®