SuperFlex® featured in Golf Digest’s Fitness Friday

In Ron Krapriske’s latest Fitness Friday blog, Dave Herman and SuperFlex® Bands are featured in Fitness Friday: Get your cuffs primed for action. Dave demonstrates vital exercises that may improve your golf swing and keep your chances of injury low. Your rotator cuff may already show signs of becoming warn down. It is very important to look for these signs and do a quick warm up before any activity. Please see the video to learn the proper exercises to help prevent injury, and improve your game!For more information on SuperFlex® products visit

SuperFlex® at the 2012 TPI World Golf Fitness Summit

SuperFlex® had an awesome show at the 2012 World Golf Summit. The show featured many of the world’s premier golf instructors, golf performance trainers, and physical therapists speaking on hot topics. SuperFlex®’s Dave Herman spoke at the summit. His topic, The Versatility of Resistance Band Training For Golf.Dave Herman and Luis Gagne Golf Dave was joined up on stage by rising golf star Luis Gagne and Master golf instructor Andrew Park. Luis demonstrated a golf-specific dynamic warm-up with a continual looped band. Andrew then followed and demonstrated a variety of swing faults and fixes using the bands. All in all it was a outstanding summit show for SuperFlex®. “It was a lot of fun and to be introduced by long time friend Dave Phillips was amazing. Can’t wait for the summit to return to Orlando in 2014″, say’s Dave Herman.For more information on SuperFlex® products visit

SuperFlex® Bands reviewed by The Hackers Paradise

The SuperFlex® for Golf program is being used by more and more golfers around the world at all golfing levels. Recently our SuperFlex® for Golf kit was reviewed by The Hackers Paradise. In the review, The Hacker’s Paradise talks about the many benefits of the program and versatility of the bands.SuperFlex® Resistance Bands for Golf reviewed by The Hackers Paradise They also talk about testing the bands and how the bands are used for golf. The SuperFlex® for Golf kit got a big thumbs up from our ‘new’ friends at The Hackers Paradise. Overall hears what The Hackers Paradise had to say: “The SuperFlex® Bands retail for $79.95. There is a great deal of information on their website, I really enjoyed reviewing these bands, and as I continue to work with them, my training is becoming more advanced. They will be a part of my exercise regimen going forward and will definitely help increase my strength and flexibility. If your fitness begins to decline as the weather gets colder, I’d recommend trying them out. You might just find that you only have to worry about getting your swing in shape to start your next season.” T. Hanks Thanks THP and thank you T. Hanks! For more information on SuperFlex® products visit


SuperFlex® Fitness Bands featured in ‘Join the Bandwagon’ by GolfWeek Magazine

SuperFlex Golf Week Magazine

SuperFlex® Fitness Bands by Golfweek Magazine

Golf fitness should not be confused with lifting weights. Golfers are discovering that golf fitness – meaning flexibility, elasticity and explosiveness – can be achieved and maintained through simpler, less time- consuming methods. Stretch bands are ideal for a warm up before golf, or they can be the centerpiece of a more comprehensive exercise program. They improve strength, speed, and flexibility. “No excuses: Golfers of all ages can improve their muscle tone and add some snap to their swings,” said Herman, who founded SuperFlex® two years ago and helps train PGA Tour players Gary Woodland and Trevor Immelman.


SuperFlex® Bands recommended by Golf Digest Magazine

SuperFlex® Fitness Bands featured in Golf Digest Magazine

SuperFlex® does it again! For the 2nd time in 2012 SuperFlex® has been featured in Golf Digest. On the new September issue fitness page, SuperFlex® friend’s Ron Kaspriske, Ben Shear, Randy Myers and Ralph Simpson select SuperFlex® bands and it’s Wall training station as recommended golf fitness training equipment. The article is titled “Want a personalized golf gym?” and it features three lists of golf training products at varying costs. The price points are based on an unlimited budget, $1000 or less, or $300 or less. Each list is very well thought out by three of golf’s leading fitness guru’s Ben Shear, Randy Myers and Ralph Simpson. SuperFlex® is proud to make all 3 lists and appreciates the support from the best trainers in the business.