Congrats to SuperFlex® Team member Trevor Immelman for winning the Hotel Fitness Championship, the first of four events in the Tour Finals opener. This is Trevor’s first victory since winning the Masters in 2008, and the win secures Trevor’s PGA Tour card for the 2014 season.

Trevor’s play on the back nine on Sunday was inspiring. His birdie putt on 18 complete with his TI fist pump was classic Immelman! “My caddie and I looked at the putt and we had it read the same way,” Immelman said. “As it crested the hill it started to straighten out, and by the time it got to the hole it was perfect.”

Immelman’s in-season band training exercises with David Herman have focused on thoracic mobility and rotator cuff strengthening. Herman has also emphasized glute stability and strengthening, core stabilization, balance and dynamic stretching.

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We asked Immelman how winning feels. “This is really sweet and I’m going to enjoy it…I started playing much better the last couple of months but ran into some troubles here and there on the weekends,” Trevor said. “I started seeing so many nice signs that this may be turning around.”

Let’s go Trevor!