SuperFlex® Bands have become SuperFlex® Fitness. Why? Because we’re not just bands anymore. We will be introducing a number of effective new fitness and resistance training products that we are excited about.

We’ll show you the many ways you can use these new products through video demonstrations, apps, and DVDS. We’re expanding our line of products to bring you more options for increasing strength, improving your speed, flexibility and stamina, and recovering from injury.

We’re also making SuperFlex® Training available to you, wherever you are. You can bring our founder David Herman on-site to teach your instructors how to incorporate SuperFlex® products into classes and training sessions. Herman also coaches athletes and fitness enthusiasts in SuperFlex® methodology.

With the change in our URL from SuperFlex®Bands.com to SuperFlex®Fitness.com, we also tweaked our social media identities. On Facebook, we are now Facebook.com/SuperFlexBands. On Twitter, handle is @SuperFlexFit.

Still want to proclaim your enthusiasm for SuperFlex® Bands on twitter? Use the hashtag #SuperFlexBands.

We’re excited about our transformation, and when you see the new options we roll out, we think you will be, too!

Thank you and Stay Fit,

Dave Herman, SuperFlex® Fitness