SuperFlex® Wall Station

SuperFlex® Bands paid a visit to Duke Golf recently. Duke has incorporated our SuperFlex® Resistance Training System into their golf performance program.

Along with Coach Green and strength Coach Alex Merrill we have integrated the bands into their programming and installed multiple wall stations in their hitting bay facility.

During the visit, I personally had the opportunity to individually work with members of the men’s golf team. Only one member of the team has past experience working the SuperFlex® Bands so for the majority it was their first time training with the bands.

It was great to be able to introduce the bands and teach how to use them for dynamic warm-ups and golf-specific workouts, and then to watch each player walk out on the range and strip their drivers. It was just a really encouraging experience.

The day at Duke began with a great opportunity to observe and go through a workout with Duke’s Strength and Conditioning Coach, Alex Merrill. Alex is no doubt one of the nation’s top collegiate golf performance trainers. He has put together outstanding individualized programs for Duke’s golfers and he knows training at the highest level.

We are excited to be a small piece of Coach Jamie Green’s vision for the program and will support Duke Golf as they march toward a future NCAA Championship win!

Dave Herman