As frequent visitors of Golf Digest, we were really psyched to see our SuperFlex® resistance bands featured in their recent Fitness Friday: Warm up to the idea of a warm-up article. The article talks about what kind of warm-up a golfer should do before a round of golf, a question frequently posed by golfers all around the world.

In the article Golf Digest Editor Ron Kraspriske explains that elastic, functional and primed muscles are the goals of a warm up, instead of unresponsive and soft muscles. This theory postulates that warming up for golf should incorporate the 3 planes of movement and focus on the key muscle groups that a good golf swing needs. This is where we come in. Our video using SuperFlex® resistance bands and equipment shows two dynamic warm-up exercises that anyone can do, that will train the body in two of the 3 planes of movement and the aforementioned muscle groups needed for a good golf swing.

We’re super happy with the endorsement of our bands for its functionality, portability and affordability. Thanks for the thumbs up, Golf Digest! You can read the full article here.