As golf history has shown, players can play great golf from all sorts of different clubface, arm, and shaft positions. We can make up for less than perfect mechanics by improving the body pivot in the downswing. In this blog, we will focus on improving the golf swing body pivot and provide two great exercises using the SuperFlex functional training band.

Many golfers fail to properly rotate their body on the downswing. This leads to both directional and contact inconsistencies. If you look at many amateur golfers at impact, they are in a very closed position where you are only able to see one of their back pockets. This position tends to produce very weak impact alignments.  If you look at the best players in the world at impact, their hips and torso are open. They create exceptional speed with their body pivot. They are essentially hitting the golf ball with their big muscles. While the amateur golfer is slapping at the ball with their hands and arms.

golf swing body pivot

DJ, Rory, Jason Day, and Tiger produce immense rotational speed with their body pivot and arrive at impact with their hips and torso open. When a golfer improperly rotates on the downswing, the will impact and overall compression of the golf ball suffer. Additionally, the golfer must then square the club with his hands, which will lead to an unpredictable miss and wide dispersion pattern.

The Recommended Drills

There are a few effective ways to work on improving the rotation of your body in the downswing. The closed stance drill is an excellent drill to work on during your range sessions. Take your normal golf setup and the pull your right foot back for right handed golfers so the right toe is even with the heel of the left foot. Hitting balls in this closed stance position forces the golfer to rotate his body to hit a quality golf shot. Former number one golfer in the world Nick Price wore out a 7-iron one summer doing this drill. You’ll get the sensation of hitting the ball with your body which will produce a well compressed penetrating ball flight.

golf swing body pivot

Our second drill is fantastic and only requires a SuperFlex functional training band. You can do this drill with or without a golf club. Simply loop the SuperFlex functional training band around your lead shoulder and anchor it to a low point behind you. Once the drill has been setup, simply make a backswing and rotate against the force of the band in the downswing. With the band looped around your lead shoulder, you are forced to properly rotate your torso.

We have seen many different swing patterns among the great players throughout history; there must be a few commonalities between them that produce the high-level ball striking that they display. Implement the drills we have provided and enjoy watching your scores go down!

Master Instructor Andrew Park

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