Congratulations to SuperFlex® Fitness team member Gary Woodland, who won the Reno-Tahoe Open on August 4th.

Gary earned his PGA Tour card in 2009 but then suffered an injury in July of that same year. We’ve asked him about the role SuperFlex® Bands played in his recovery. “I had surgery, used them all the way through rehab, and now use them to strengthen and get more flexibility,” he said.

Since then, Gary won his first PGA Tour title at the Transitions Championship in March 2011, elevating him in the rankings and earning him an invitation to the Masters that year. After this week’s win, he told USA Today, “My whole mindset was just to be a little more aggressive and give ourselves chances and just free it up. And I was able to do that today getting off to a hot start. … Just felt like I was off to the races.”

SuperFlex® Bands are Gary’s go-to solution to staying fit on tour. “I’m able to use them in my hotel room where I don’t have to go search on the road for a gym. I can bring my bands with me. … If I’m in the locker room during a rain delay I can get them out, stretch a little bit. They’re just so easy to travel with.”

To learn more about Gary Woodland and his passion for SuperFlex® products, watch the video below.