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SuperFlex Shoulder Health Matrix

SuperFlex Should Health Matrix

SuperFlex Shoulder Health Matrix The Versatile and Temperamental Shoulders In the 3+ decades of my work with competitive athletes, the shoulders are the most commonly aggravated area of the human body. And, this is even more true for general population. In this blog we will share a video below including a shoulder exercise routine that features the SuperFlex […]

Dynamic Core Stability

Dynamic Core Stability

Dynamic Core Stability The training program presented in this blog Dynamic Core Stability emphasizes the core’s ability to “absorb-and-redirect” force. This is much like a boxer being able to instantly brace for impact by hardwiring the neuromuscular system to respond in the most proficient way possible. Tension is obviously a good thing… at the right […]

Metabolic Mobility Matrix with SuperFlex Movement Bands

Metabolic Mobility Matrix with SuperFlex Movement Bands Integrated Athletic Mobility Prep   M3 Metabolic Mobility Matrix Lunge/ Locomotion As a competitive athlete, there’s a definitive difference in being in “good condition” and being physically prepared in the way that carries over to the field of play. No doubt, you can get in very good cardiovascular condition […]

Core Activation and Core Stability

Core Activation and Core Stability “Nucleus 8” In the previous installment of the SuperFlex IAMP, I covered our dynamic stretching/flexibility program. In this segment, I will address the next phase in preparation for training and/or competition– muscle core activation and core stability for total body stabilization with maximum functionality.  There are three key areas that […]

Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award Winner

SuperFlex Fitness Wins Golf Digest’s Editor’s Choice Award Orlando, FL (March 22, 2016) – SuperFlex® LLC, a fitness company that specializes in resistance bands and resistance band training, announced today that it has been selected as a 2016 Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award Winner in the category Best Resistance Bands. The award was given to […]