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Dave Herman, founder of Athletes Training, Inc., a nationally recognized athlete performance company, announces that he will be incorporating his successful athletic training programs into SuperFlex, LLC. The new division, SuperFlex Performance will compliment his SuperFlex Fitness, a leading resistance band products and equipment company.

SuperFlex Performance will apply Athletes Training’s Athleticity® philosophy of developing the Elastic Athlete.  This approach allows the company to assist athletes and improve their athleticism and performance at every level.  The next step is to take those proven methods of training, along with patented performance products, and make them available to the general public in order to give them the tools they need to enhance and improve their overall health and fitness.

Athletes Training, Inc. has trained multiple major champions in golf, tennis, NFL, NBA, and MLB stars.

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SuperFlex Golf Swing Kit


Welcome to the future of Golf Swing Training!



From the Creators of the award winning SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit comes a revolutionary golf swing training aid that will help you to Hit it better and Hit it Longer!

If your looking for ways to feel better and PLAY BETTER, the SuperFlex Golf Swing Kit is the answer!! With over 55 instructional drills from short game to long game including warm-up routines and golf specific stretching, the drills and exercises are demonstrated in video clips.

Many of the world’s leading golf instructors, fitness trainers and therapists have discovered the power of SuperFlex bands and are using resistance band training techniques to correct swing faults, improve functional movement and get their players bodies healthy and golf specific fit!

PGA, LPGA and amateur’s globally are using SuperFlex bands because of their versatility and portability and the amazing results they achieve!

What makes the band swing drills so effective? The proven method and science behind one of the fastest ways to improve golf swing mechancis! Master Golf instructor Andrew Park, Three time Golf Digest’s “Top 50 Instructors” will show you how to speed up the learning process by using resistance from bands to correct swing faults. In other words… you will practice more EFFICIENTLY and in a shorter period of time by instanteously feeling the positive muscle memory!

The golf specific warm-ups, stretching and strengthening exercises are demonstrated by 20 year golf performance trainer Dave Herman whose clients have included superstars Ernie Els, Trevor Immelman, Se Ri Pak , Suzann Pettersen, Dave will teach you how to warm-up, stretch and strengthen using his worldly renown SuperFlex Bands!

The best part about these revolutionary band training drills and exercises is that it can be used anywhere and by golfers at every level. The kit comes with a mobile App that allows you to practice your swing drills and exercises on the range, hotel, at home or even in the office.

HIT IT BETTER!!! HIT IT LONGER!!! With SuperFlex Golf Swing Training!

Standing Core Exercises (video)

SuperFlex Fitness Crossfit and Resistance Band Training

Here are some new and exciting ways to train and challenge the core using functional training bands or resistance bands.  Begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and engage core by plugging the pelvis into a neutral position all while squeezing your glutes. Setting this position will automatically engage your deep core muscles.  Another good technique for engaging the deep core muscles is by imaging that you are pressing/squeezing your belly button into your spine and holding tightly.



The first exercise is a standing core crunch followed by a side to side oblique cross. The third exercise is side core pulses taking both arms through a full range of motion as shown in the video above. Be sure the maintain stable hips and pelvis through all 3 of these exercises.

These exercises are not about using heavy resistances which could lead to bad form. Begin by using lighter resistance bands to learn the proper form and to maintain a strong stable core through all the movements.

We recommend 8 – 12  reps per  set.  You can certainly take the reps higher if desired to build more strength and endurance.

  • Standing Core Crunch
  • Side to Side Oblique Cross
  • Side Core Pulses (switch other side)

Challenge your core and work your bands!

Dave Herman


SuperFlex’s Golf Swing Kit featured in Golf Digest’s 2014 March issue


admin-ajax_2SuperFlex Golf Swing Kit
is featured in Golf Digest’s Magazine March “Hot List” issue. On page 54 a swing series animation shows how band training can be used to correct swing flaws.  Thank you Golf Digest for including us in your issue!

Why? Using bands to increase the muscle memory while speeding up the learning process has become the hot new way to improve swing drill mechanics.  Band drills can be used for from short game to long game swing training.  The positive feedback is off the charts on how quickly players are able to feel the dynamic motions.

How? The bands help to speed up the learning process.  The bands are used to enhance the negative feeling by adding variable resistance to the swing flaw.  The student has to do the positive movement and right away the player feels the sensation of performing it the right way.  The feedback can be instantaneous!

Where?  The drills come in a mobile App which allows them to be performed anywhere from on the range, in the office, and even at home. That’s what makes the system so popular and effective.

The SuperFlex Golf Swing Kit comes with over 50 instructional video’s that will help the instructor to better understand the band training drills as well as help the players to improve all aspects of their golf game. The kit is primarily a swing training aid to reinforce correct swing mechanic but also is an exercise training aid used for warm-ups, golf specific fitness, and swing biomechanics.

Revolutionizing the process for Golf instruction!

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SuperFlex to Exhibit at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show


Date: January 10, 2014

(Orlando, FL). – SuperFlex Golf (DBA SuperFlex Fitness) announced today plans to exhibit at the 61st PGA Merchandise Show, Jan. 21‐24, 2014, in their hometown of Orlando, Fla.

SuperFlex and Founder, Dave Herman will be attending the PGA Merchandise Show to introduce their SuperFlex Golf Swing Kit.

The swing kit is a revolutionary new training aid that is designed to fix swing faults and is currently being used many of the world’s leading golf instructors, PGA and LPGA players. It comes with its own App which includes 50 instructional swing drills and exercise videos.

Dave will also be presenting SuperFlex Golf Swing Drills along side Master Instructor, Andrew Park on the “TPI Fit to Win stage” on Wednesday January 22nd at 3:30 pm. Their topic: The Future of Golf Swing Training

Dave’s past and present sports performance clients include Ernie Els, Trevor Immelman, Gary Woodland, Suzann Petterson, Sandra Gal and Se Ri Pak.

In 2012 the company released the SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit and was named by Golf Digest as one of the “Top 12 coolest items of the 2012 PGA show”. Last month the company introduced their Mobile online store with its 5 top selling items.

About the PGA Merchandise Show
The 61st PGA Merchandise Show, held January 21‐24, 2014, in Orlando, Fla., will welcome some 1,000 top golf companies and brands and more than 40,000 industry professionals from around the world to the industry’s annual global summit for the business of golf. The PGA Merchandise Show features a new day pattern in 2014 with the PGA Show Outdoor Demo Day, the world’s largest professional golf testing event, held on Tuesday, Jan. 21, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the Orange County National Golf Center. During PGA Show days, Wednesday – Friday, Jan. 22‐24, at the Orange County Convention Center, PGA Professionals, retailers and industry leaders will uncover the latest trends, source the newest golf merchandise, test the latest equipment, learn proven business best practices, network among peers and move forward the business of the game. Learn more at

SuperFlex will be located in Booth: 683 (in the Training Aids area)







Welcome to SuperFlex Fitness

SuperFlex Resistance Bands


SuperFlex Bands has become SuperFlex® Fitness. Why? Because we’re not just bands anymore. We will be introducing a number of effective new fitness and resistance training products that we are excited about.

We’ll show you the many ways you can use these new products through video demonstrations, apps, and DVDS. We’re expanding our line of products to bring you more options for increasing strength, improving your speed, flexibility and stamina, and recovering from injury. Continue reading

Gary Woodland Wins Reno-Tahoe Open

Gary Woodland Wins Reno-Tahoe Open

Congratulations to SuperFlex Fitness team member Gary Woodland, who won the Reno-Tahoe Open on August 4th.

Gary earned his PGA Tour card in 2009 but then suffered an injury in July of that same year. We’ve asked him about the role SuperFlex Bands played in his recovery. “I had surgery, used them all the way through rehab, and now use them to strengthen and get more flexibility,” he said. Continue reading