Creating Backswing Width

A common swing fault that hampers both high handicappers and elite golfers alike is the lack of backswing width. This is usually characterized by the lead arm bending in the backswing, the hands very close to the head at the top of the backswing, as well as, the appearance of an overly long backswing. The […]


Dynamic Tennis Warm-up Utilizing Bands

  Tennis players around the world are traveling and utilizing Tennis Functional Training Bands and Mini Exercise Bands because of their portability and ability to target 5 key areas during the dynamic tennis warm-up. The bands are lightweight, versatile, and easy to stick into your racket bag for travel. They provide multiple exercises and strategies […]

US Open Trophy pic win

Paes and Hingis Break Record. Win 2015 US Open Mixed Doubles Crown!

Big Congrats to SuperFlex Team member and Leander Paes and partner Martina Hingis for winning the 2015 US Open Mixed Doubles Championship! It’s been an truly amazing season for the champs after claiming their 3rd Grandslam Championship of the 2015 season. The win yesterday follows their Wimbledon and Australian Open crowns. Leander and Martina have […]

Athletes Training Inc, SuperFlex® Fitness

Athletes Training, Inc. joins forces with SuperFlex®, LLC

  Dave Herman, founder of Athletes Training, Inc., a nationally recognized athletic performance company, announces that he will be incorporating his successful athletic training programs into SuperFlex®, LLC. The new division, SuperFlex® Performance will compliment his SuperFlex® Fitness, a leading resistance band products and equipment company. SuperFlex® Performance will apply Athletes Training’s Athleticity® philosophy of […]

superflex-SuperFlex® Fitness Golf Swing Kit
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SuperFlex Golf Swing Kit

Welcome to the future of Golf Swing Training! From the Creators of the award winning SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit comes a revolutionary golf swing training aid that will help you to Hit it better and Hit it Longer! If you’re looking for ways to feel better and PLAY BETTER, the SuperFlex Golf Swing Kit is […]

Standing Core Exercises - Resistance Band Training
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Standing Core Exercises (video)

Here are some new and exciting ways to train and challenge the core using functional training bands or resistance bands.  Begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and engage the core by plugging the pelvis into a neutral position all while squeezing your glutes. Setting this position will automatically engage your deep core […]